RVs with the best manufacturer warranties

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You’ve probably heard the saying, “It’s better to have and not need than to need and not have.” This is true with a lot of things in life— including manufacturer’s warranties. When you make a purchase, you hope that the new thing you bought will last a long time and be free of factory defects— especially if it’s as big of a purchase as a new RV. 

With prices ranging from under ten thousand dollars for some trailers to over a million dollars for some of the biggest and best motorhomes, the only thing worse than sending it to the shop and not being able to go RVing is footing the bill for a mistake the manufacturer made. 

That is where your RV warranty will come in handy. It will protect you from any expenses associated with problems that you didn’t cause, and it can bring you some peace of mind. With a thorough, long-lasting warranty, manufacturers guarantee their product and that they will pay to fix any mistakes they made, cutting into their own profits to ensure you’re satisfied. 

So which RVs have the best manufacturer’s warranties? 

Let’s take a look.


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Main features:

  • Two-year/24,000-mile limited warranty

  • Three-year structural warranty

  • 15 additional warranties offered by parts suppliers

If you want the assurance of arguably the best warranty in the RV market, you’ll want to look for a Jayco. The mechanical parts of the motorhome including the engine, transmission, and powertrain are covered by Jayco for two full years, which is about double the industry-standard one-year coverage. 

They also offer the more standard three-year structural warranty, so you can rest easy knowing the walls, roof, chassis, and floor underneath you are covered. On top of that, the part suppliers that Jayco uses in their RVs provide additional warranties to the owner of the RV. This ranges from a three-year warranty on the generator and a five-year warranty on the axles and refrigerator to twelve years on the roofing material and a lifetime warranty on the wheels. 

You have several parts that will be covered long after the limited and structural warranties expire. 


Main features:

  • Three-year limited warranty

  • Three-year 24/7 roadside assistance

  • Three-year 24/7 technical assistance hotline

  • Coverage for tow vehicle

If you’re looking for retro-futuristic chic for your RVing lifestyle and have the money for one, Airstream might just be the most fashionable, comfortable home you can tow. 

Their iconic luxury travel trailers come with three years of limited warranty, so your purchase will be well-protected for thirty-six months. During that time, you also have access to Coach-Net roadside assistance and their technical assistance hotline 24/7. This covers you in case you need towing, flat tire assistance, emergency fluid delivery, jump starts, battery boosts, lockout service, a mobile mechanic, and more, all with no limit on mileage or monetary value of the service. The technical assistance hotline can also help walk you through simple mechanical fixes with their expert technicians. 

On top of all that, when you register your warranty, you can also select a tow vehicle to be covered under the roadside assistance program. There is even emergency trip interruption coverage, so if your plans are derailed at the last minute by a problem under warranty coverage, you can be compensated for travel plans that can’t be refunded.


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Main features:

  • Three-year/36,000-mile limited structural warranty

  • One-year/15,000-mile limited warranty

  • Ten-year fiberglass roof warranty

It’s the name you know and love— Winnebago. This RV manufacturer is the largest producer of RVs in America and they’ve been making quality motorhomes and trailers for over seven decades now. 

Throughout that time, they’ve learned how to make high-quality recreational vehicles at such a large scale that they became more affordable for the masses. These vehicles also come with a pretty good warranty. Though the three-year/36,000-mile structural warranty and one-year/15,000-mile basic warranty are industry standard, Winnebago has their own ten-year warranty on the roof. 

It covers the material needed to replace a defective roof, as well as the labor needed to repair or replace it. Fiberglass is not cheap to work on or to buy, so having this warranty coverage will be quite useful if you ever need it.


Main features:

  • Three-year/45,000-mile structural warranty

  • One-year/15,000-mile limited warranty

Fleetwood is another one of the most common brands of RVs on the market today. They’re known for making good, relatively affordable recreational vehicles. Their warranty may not be the most robust one out there, but it does allow more miles than most other manufacturers. For RVers who are frequently on the move, this can be a lifesaver.


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A note on warranties

One thing to remember with any warranty program is that only factory defects are covered by warranty, not damage caused by the owners or other people. A warranty isn’t a free pass to skip out on routine maintenance and RV care. An RV manufacturer’s warranty simply protects RV owners from poor materials or shoddy workmanship, letting you make the most out of your RV experience with peace of mind. 

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