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Will my RV insurance go up if I file a claim?

In short: filing a claim doesn’t automatically mean your premium will go up. When you file a claim, an adjuster will look at the police report, photos, and talk to those involved in the accident. Whether your premium will go up largely boils down to fault and liability.

Fault or no fault

Truth be told, it’s not uncommon for at-fault RV insurance claims to result in a premium uptick. Examples of an at-fault claim include fender-benders, speeding tickets, citations, bodily injury, and DUIs. 

If the claim is not an at-fault accident, then you might not see a premium increase. Here are some examples of claim you might not be at fault for:

  1. Your car was parked legally and someone ran into it.

  2. The damage was caused by a falling tree, or flying debris from a nearby construction site.

  3. You were the victim of a hit-and-run.

We’d be reckless if we said that these incidents never result in increased premiums. But we can safely say that they’re not as likely as at-fault claims. 

Vacation liability claims

Unlike standard vehicles, RVs have some unique insurance protections. Like vacation liability. It protects you when the RV is parked — and if an accident happens away from the RV.

If, say, a guest has a nasty spill coming out of your motorhome, the owner may be legally liable for the injuries. Liability claims for legal and medical fees can be expensive, and the insurer may raise the RV owner’s rate as a result. 

Same goes for property damage that happens outside the RV. Say you’re at an RV park. Your child gets a bit too rambunctious with the soccer ball and accidentally kicks it through the windshield of another RV. Filing a liability claim to cover the damage could also result in an increase.

But! It doesn’t necessarily mean your insurance rate will stay that way forever.

So, will my premium go back down after a claim?

Even if your premium does go up after an accident, it can still go back down over time. RV insurance companies mull over a bunch of factors to come up with your premium. One of them is your driving record and level of risk. If you get in an accident, they may reevaluate your risk and revisit your premium. If your rate does go up, maintaining a clean driving record can help it go back down.

Plus, most RV insurance companies (like Roamly!) offer discounts. For instance, the more safety features you have (anti-theft devices, security systems, alarms, dual airbags), the more discounts you could rack up — and the more your rate could go down. 

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that Roamly offers some of the most competitive rates out there. AND ... while many insurance companies will drop your coverage for renting out your RV on sites like Outdoorsy — we won’t! True story. 

As proud RV owners ourselves, we’ve set out to make the whole insurance thing as easy as possible, so that your coverage is top-notch without breaking the bank. Why not see for yourself? Start a quick, free quote and see how much you could save on RV insurance.  

Already part of the Roamly family and need to file a claim? No sweat. Give us a call at 877.725.1245. One of our claims reps will walk you through the process.

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