Best Places Around the Country to Camp

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Explorers always like to know the best places around the country to camp. (Of course, you first need to get RV Insurance to ensure protection against accidents and the unexpected.) Once you have your rig ready for adventure, there are plenty of options around the country to explore. 

Best Places to Camp

Here are five of the best places in the country to camp. Ultimately, this guide will help any outdoor adventurer.

Sierra Vista - New Mexico

The camping location at Sierra Vista is free! Likewise, it is in a beautiful area with no interruptions from the chaos of the city. It also has many benefits of paid campgrounds, including check-ins from BLM Rangers, providing freedom and some comfort. Additionally, there are numerous hiking trails available for anyone to partake in. It also is excellent for people with RVs, providing a great option. Subsequently, you can view the beautiful New Mexico landscape with many stars in the sky. 

Many Glacier Campground - Montana

If you want to go to a climate that is a little colder and more remote, then Many Glacier Campground is the place for you. It is the top-ranked campground in the Mountain West region. Likewise, it provides impressive scenery, with Swiftcurrent Lake right next to it. There are also places nearby to pack supplies, with a grocery store in the regional area. Also, there is a restaurant near the campground for when you want to exit. There are plenty of trails and places to walk as well. However, always be mindful of the wildlife, as bears and moose are nearby. It is best to practice safety precautions around them. Finally, it is relatively inexpensive to stay here, as it costs $23 a night to park your RV and camp here. 

“The Wall” in Buffalo Gap National Grasslands - South Dakota

Here is another beautiful site located in the heart of South Dakota. Ultimately, every camper will likely want to see “The Wall”. It is also near Badlands National Park. Moreover, locals in the area have ranked it as the best campground within the regional terrain. 

There are plenty of breathtaking views for people using this site to camp. Likewise, it is free to camp here overnight, thus giving some benefits to RV owners. You should understand the regulations, as well as the protocols, when renting this space. Ultimately, if you are using a site like Outdoorsy to rent the space for your RV, you may need an additional insurance plan to ensure you have the coverage you need. 

Yosemite National Park - California

If you are in the golden state and looking for a place to camp, you cannot go wrong with Yosemite National Park. Moreover, there is so much life in this park. Yosemite has no roads or electricity, so it is completely isolated from the outside world. Therefore, it means you are free from the distractions of technology. 

Glacier Point is nearby and has an access point to hike to. Additionally, there is the Four-Mile Trail. The hike on this route can take between three to four hours, depending on the day. 

The best months to camp are between April and September. Conversely, it is a better idea to reserve months in advance. It is also relatively affordable, costing $30 for a 7-day pass. Moreover, it decreases in the winter months, ranging from $6 to $26 a night. 

Minnewaska State Park Reserve - New York

East Coasters have caping options, too. Correspondingly, you will love Minnewaska Park if you are on the east coast. It is just 94 miles north of New York City. It is the perfect spot for anyone who loves nature. 

There are many adventures to explore. Therefore, enjoy the scenery, whether you are hiking or biking. There are several lakes, forests, and cliffs to enjoy, which give way to amazing views. 

If you want to go, be sure to go between the months of May and November. However, weather can affect the availability of this spot. Be sure to check ahead to ensure that your spot is available. 

Fort De Soto Campground - Florida

Camping only sometimes involves lying in the dirt in the forest or desert. Sometimes, the beach is a great option. 

Fort De Soto not only offers a beautiful beach with spectacular ocean views, but it also provides a great place to camp. There are over seven miles of white-sand beaches and coves to explore and utilize for camping. Also, the campground is a great place to see various wildlife, such as dolphins and over 300 species of birds. 

There are over 200 locations to camp at. Additionally, renting a space costs between $34 to $45. RV owners will love this location because they have full access to the beach and a fantastic ocean view when they wake up. 



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