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Best towable trailers under 8,000 pounds

The two best-selling vehicles of all time in America should be no surprise to most, as they are as American as it gets, providing owners the capability to take whatever life throws at them.

We’re talking, of course, about the Ford F-Series and Chevy Silverado pickup trucks. While both of these lines include three-quarter-ton and full-ton trucks, the most common type of truck is still the reliable half-ton truck. When properly equipped, any modern F-150 half-ton truck can tow at least 8,200 pounds, while the latest Silverado 1500 starts at an 8,900 pounds towing capacity. Toyota’s Tundra and Nissan’s Titan can both tow even more than that, while the RAM 1500 can tow at least 7,700 pounds with its smallest engine. 

If you own one of these half-ton trucks (or even some full-sized SUVs), you have the wonderful ability to tow some RVs that smaller vehicles can’t. Here is what you need to know about the best towable trailers under 8,000 pounds.

Dry weight vs. gross vehicle weight rating

When considering a trailer’s weight, there are two main measurements you have to look at: dry weight and the gross vehicle weight rating

The dry weight is just how much the bare-bones trailer weighs before you load it up with your belongings. The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is that dry weight plus the maximum cargo capacity that the trailer can handle. 

Even though you may never fill your RV to its full capacity, it’s best to consider its GVWR to see if your car can safely tow the trailer. The dry weight doesn’t account for essentials you’ll have to bring like water, propane, food, cooking equipment, clothing, etc.


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Best towable trailers under 8,000 pounds

Here are four of our favorite towable trailers under 8,000 pounds. 

1. Keystone Passport GT 2400RB

While a stroll through your local grocery store or bodega might not leave you with a positive impression from anything Keystone branded, you can rest assured that Keystone RV Company makes very high-quality products. 

Their line of Passport GT towable trailers are excellent and feature a wide variety of floorplans to fit any lifestyle. Many of these trailers weigh under 8,000 pounds on their own, but can exceed that number with cargo and passengers— so we will be focusing on the 2400RB floorplan. 

This model features a queen-sized bed in a private room with ample walking space, an L-shaped kitchen complete with a stove, oven, microwave, sink, and refrigerator, plus plenty of countertop space. There is a U-shaped dinette (or optionally a dinette with theatre seats) set across from the TV which sits above the fireplace. The bathroom comes with not only the standard shower, toilet, and sink combo, but has his and hers sinks and even a stackable washer/dryer combination. The dinette can be turned into a sleeping area when not in use, so this RV could sleep three to four people. 

However, this is arguably the ideal trailer for couples who want a private retreat they can take with them into the wilderness to just relax and get away from it all. But if you are interested in taking a whole family, there is also the 2401BH  floorplan which sacrifices that large, luxurious kitchen to accommodate full-sized bunk beds and an outdoor kitchen area, all still coming in under an 8,000-pound GVWR.


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2. Airstream Pottery Barn 28RB

Some might say that old is new again, while others would say that a great look never goes out of style. Whichever is the case, the Airstream Pottery Barn features the brand’s signature silver bullet styling that has been their mainstay for 85 years, which looks as great now as it did on their rigs in 1936. 

The Pottery Barn model is 28 feet long and comes in two different layouts, offering either a queen bed or two full-sized beds at the back of the trailer. Both layouts have the same GVWR of 7,600 pounds. The Pottery Barn model comes equipped with a mattress (or two), stove, oven, sink, refrigerator, shower, toilet, bathroom sink, and a dinette that can be converted into more sleep space. 

One of the more remarkable feats of this model is to stay under 8,000 pounds while still maintaining so many windows for natural light. Having sunlight fill your trailer in the morning can be such a wonderful feeling. When you are camping out in nature, it’s nice to experience the gorgeous views from the comfort of your own bed.

3. Jayco Jay Feather 25RB

It’s hard to go wrong with an RV made by Jayco. They follow excellent production standards to build quality products built to last a long time. One of their best, most efficient lines of trailers is the Jay Feather line, including the 25RB layout, which has a GVWR of 7,250 pounds. 

As soon as you walk under the awning and through the front door, you will be greeted with a walk-in pantry. To the left, you’ll see a large bathroom with a sink, toilet, shower, and linen closet, and ahead of you on the left wall of the RV you’ll see a sofa sleeper and dining area across from the entertainment center. 

Looking beyond that, you’ll find the fully equipped kitchen and a door to the bedroom that includes a queen bed and two wardrobes, as well as overhead storage and windows on both sides of the room. 

This trailer has enough room for five to sleep comfortably, but if you need space for more people, there are other Jay Feather layouts that still tip the scales under 8,000 pounds while fully loaded with up to nine occupants.


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4. Grand Design Imagine 2600RB

Whether it's just for vacation or for living full-time, the Grand Design Imagine 2600RB is a gem of an RV that is towable by most half-ton pickup trucks. 

It features premium materials both in its construction and in its finishing, making the spacious interior feel light and upscale. The features of this trailer include a queen-sized bed, large countertop, microwave, stove, oven, refrigerator, dinette, and sleeper sofa, plus a large bathroom with a sink, a toilet, and a shower complete with a skylight. 

Outside you’ll find an awning spanning nearly the length of the RV, a propane quick connect fitting, a coaxial TV hookup, and a universal docking station. With plenty of windows, you should also be able to enjoy plenty of natural light, helping the space feel even larger. There’s so much in a small package, you might be surprised that you can pull this trailer so easily!

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