RV Romance: How to Find Love While Roadtripping

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Fun fact: Valentine's Day began as a friends (without benefits)-centric holiday. For this post, whether you're keeping an eye out for some lovable new roadtrip pals or that one special copilot, we've got some tips for finding new love.

The open road can offer a world of opportunity, particularly when looking for love. With a little bit of planning, you can make the most of your RV roadtrip and potentially find the love of your life. In this blog post, we’ll discuss a few tips and tricks for finding love while on the road.

Forum Friends

Between your daily grind's commute, covid, and other time commitments, going to "IRL" meetups may not be a priority. The good news: the online #RVlife community is poppin' with Facebook Groups and non-FB forums for maintenance advice, route planning, and more. Start chiming in and you may end up connecting with folks to meet up with on the road, and if it's true love you're after, see where that road takes you when you get there.

With over 200,000 members, RV Talk is a great place to talk shop with RVers of all levels. RV Forum's 135,000 members discuss all things #RVlife, and the aptly-named RV Life forum is another great option for comparing notes on experiences and to make new friends.

Campground Camaraderie

Once you've arrived at a campground and gotten your site set-up and bearings on the facilities, take a meander around and, if other RVers are shooting the breeze, Introduce yourself! Gauge the moment – some people may only be up for a quick hello, and some may be totally up for a neighborhood barbecue, beverage by the campfire, or game of horseshoes.

Campsite Social Events

Many RV parks host activities like karaoke, bingo, and potlucks to bring guests together and give people something to do to connect with their surroundings.

RV Meetups

Okay, we told you how to avoid meetups, but they're actually fantastic ways to meet like-minded nomads. Join a club for RVers or a nomadic meetup to broaden your social circle, and keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities in the local community or at the campground, which are a great way to make meaningful connections while supporting a worthy cause.

Communing with Nature-Lovers

The great outdoors offers plenty of ways to connect with nature and with other people. Strike up a conversation with another hiker on the trail or relax with a good book at the beach. Consider planning your route around special events like music festivals and fairs. You’ll be surrounded by folks with common interests, making each outing the perfect opportunity to make a connection.

Go forth!

Whether you’re looking for a friend, fling, or a lifelong friend, RV roadtripping can be the perfect way to meet new people. Stay safe, and happy Roaming.

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