What Punxsutawney Phil's Ground Hog Day prediction means for RV owners

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RV owners and Outdoorsy-adventurers, rejoice! The chonker of a psychic muppet we all know and love as Punxsutawney Phil held court today, as is tradition each February 2nd, and declared that 2023 would see an early spring! RV owners know this means all the more adventuring – here are just a few specific reminders if you're in need of visualizing:

  • The open road. With the roads cleared of snow a few weeks sooner, RV owners can get moving and start visiting harder-to-reach destinations they've been dreaming of over the winter.

  • Early spring means an earlier camping season, which could allow early-bird RVers to snag the prime campsites and get their pick of the best spots to park their rigs.

  • And early spring means milder temps – so even full-time RVers can stow their winter gear sooner to enjoy more outdoor activities and soak up some much-needed vitamin D.

  • Less snow means less road salt, which means less undercarriage corrosion – which means a longer lifespan on your rig before its in need of maintenance.

  • With flowers blooming and trees budding, the scenery during an early spring is a feast for the eyes, providing the #RVlife crowd with stunning views as they roam.

  • The additional daylight hours of an early spring allow for even more time to explore, hike, bike and generally enjoy the great outdoors.

Happy Roaming!

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