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First rumor up — Roamly’s DIY Conversion Van Coverage

Did you know Roamly insures more than RVs? Many people are surprised to learn that Roamly actually covers campervans too — including DIY campervan conversions.

You read that right! Roamly is the first insurance company to cater to the growing DIY conversion van movement by covering both factory & professionally-made campervans — that includes your DIY camper van conversion that feels more like a family member than a form of transportation.

Roamly has fixed the coverage gap — traditionally a pain point for other insurance carriers — by updating the definition of what a motorhome is. Which means: with a few photos and copies of your upfitting and labor receipts, Roamly can cover most DIY vans — including the build-out costs as well as your personal contents.

So now for the serious question: What’s the coolest feature you’ve seen in a DIY/conversion van?

(We’re a big fan of the indoor showers, especially in the summer heat.)

To find out more about Roamly’s DIY conversion coverage, click here to start shopping for the best price today!

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