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Roamly is thrilled to introduce Roamly Care, a revolutionary new feature that reimagines traditional insurance for RV owners.

Taking a proactive approach to RV ownership, Roamly Care prioritizes preventative maintenance and empowers RV owners to take control of their vehicles' longevity. Unlike traditional insurance companies that focus on increasing premiums, Roamly focuses on preventing disasters rather than punishing users with higher rates and addresses our customers biggest concerns - filing a claim. This means:

🚫 No rate hikes: Roamly Care is absolutely free and won't impact your premium costs.

💪 Empowering RV owners: We want to help you avoid disasters, not just react to them.

💭 Take the guesswork out: No more relying on memory to keep your RV in top condition. Receive notifications on maintenance, weather conditions and more!

🤝 Collaborative approach: We're inviting you to shape the future of Roamly Care by sharing your valuable feedback.

How does Roamly Care work?

Roamly Care leverages location data to send you live alerts via SMS, email, or in the future, push notifications. This could be anything from getting caught unexpectedly in a crowded gathering, to moving your trailer from Aunt Carrie’s house before the hail storm. Before disaster strikes, Roamly Care is there to alert you and get your family, pets, and rig to the nearest safe place.

Roamly Care - Chat Alert from an iMessage

Roamly Care - Chat Alert from an iMessage

How do I use it? 

To activate Roamly Care with live location data, you will log into your chassis’ online portal from Today, you can do this within your Policy’s Overview page.

To access your Policy Overview page: log into, select the policy by clicking "More Info", and notice the Roamly Care section.

 Activate Roamly Care with live location data when creating a quote

Activate Roamly Care with live location data when creating a quote

After clicking Connect, you will be redirected to a service called Smartcar and directed to log into your chassis. For example, if you have a Class B or C With a Mercedes Sprinter, you will log into Mercedes Me. For a Coachmen Freelander - a Ford Transit chassis -  You will log into FordPass. If you don’t have a Connected Service Application account, please visit to view instructions on how to get started.

📍 Note: Today this live service only works with driveables typically newer than 2019. While the service is limited today, great news is there is still a way to take advantage of Roamly Care alerts for any trailer or motorhome! By keeping your vehicle’s address up to date you will receive the most accurate alerts. You can do this from your Roamly policy dashboard by clicking the edit button under the Roamly Care section. 

 Activate Roamly Care by manually entering a address after your policy is bound

Activate Roamly Care by manually entering a address after your policy is bound

What’s next for Roamly Care?

We wanted to release this product to users for free as fast as possible, thus we are still working on a few things. Some limitations today:

  1. Today, this is just for Roamly Personal policy owners. If you are interested in us supporting this feature for Roamly Pro, our commercial product. Please take the time to fill out this survey

  2. Today our service only leverages location data to send alerts based on weather or other hazard events. In the future we will add more options to help with the routine maintenance tasks, monitoring using other sensing/IoT technologies, and more.

  3. The live service only works with driveables (class Bs, Cs, campervans, etc..) typically newer than 2019 that are compatible with Smartcar. Aftermarket alterations to the infotainment system may impact this. To check compatibility on your vehicle visit this link.

Roamly Care is a new initiative and we’re always looking for feedback. We’re committed to making this the ultimate tool for RV owners. Your feedback will help shape the future of the feature. Please use this link to share your thoughts and optionally schedule time to talk directly with our team!

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