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Sifting through RV insurance quotes and contractual fineprint, wishing someone would throw you a lifeline? Give your sleuthing skills a quick break, and check out some snippets of what some customers and #RVlife bloggers had to say about us:

The Wandering RV review of Roamly:

Being a sister company to Outdoorsy (an RV rental company), Roamly was created to solve the problem of no-rental restrictions. Traditional RV insurance companies don’t allow you to rent your RV to others and will drop you if they find out you’re doing so. It’s in their fine print as a “commercial exclusion clause”. So if you want to rent out your RV and make money from it, Roamly won’t drop your insurance coverage. They allow renting your RV! Roamly also covers conversion vans.

Every time we’ve called Roamly’s customer support team, we’ve had a great experience. They answered all our questions and even told us about things we didn’t know to ask about. Overall, we think Roamly’s customer service rocks.

Roamly reviews on TrustPilot

This recent experience has been possibly the most enjoyable process I have experience in the past 50 years of dealing with insurance companies. Being new to Roamly I feel we will have a good relationship and look forward to working with Roamly in the future. – Mack

My alternator died! Long story short...I was worried about whether my roadside assistance coverage included a second tow after just having one last night. Daniel was responsive, empathetic and did a thorough check to make sure that I am covered. All on a Saturday! Thank you, Daniel! – Janet

CamperGuide's review of Roamly

Roamly has created the RV insurance that they have always desired. People all require RV insurance and knowing that Roamly can provide what we just need as RV enthusiasts, couldn’t be better.

RVBlogger's Roamly review

Roamly is an excellent option if you want to keep things simple. They offer standard RV insurance policies like most other companies. However, they don’t prohibit coverage from rentals, depending on the package you choose. Additionally, some RV rental agencies work with Roamly, so you can take advantage of discounts on your premiums when renting your RV out. 

The Adventure Travelers blog breaks it down:

Roamly allows customers to insure the rental of their RV with liability coverage and physical damage coverage so they can feel secure when someone rents from them. Plus, with Roamly, customers can save up to 25% on the cost of insuring a rental compared to traditional RV insurance providers!

...To all conversion van owners out there – rejoice! Roamly RV Insurance has got you covered. Whether your van is a classic beauty or a modern marvel, Roamly has you sorted when it comes to protecting your investment.

4.5 stars on Consumer Advocate

[Roamly] offers comprehensive coverage, without the loopholes, no-rental restrictions, or the astronomical rates of commercial policies usually associated with RV insurance. Roamly policies are underwritten by well-known and established insurance carriers, including Allstate, Geico, and Progressive. ...Roamly gets high marks from us for their straightforward coverage and ease of access to information concerning how RV coverage works and what it includes.

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