Is your RV insured against mice and other pests?

Save up to 35%* on RV insurance.

It’s that time of year again — Ol' Man Winter is on his way and you’re ready to prep your RV to brave the cold. Pest Coverage is something you may not think about, but your RV is at the greatest risk for pest infestation while it is in winter storage. That’s because little creatures like mice, rabbits, squirrels, and even raccoons love digging into your stored rig and doing things like: 

  • Eating up your wires and causing thousands of dollars in damage (electric wire is often sheathed in a soy-based coating that rodents sniff out as food).

  • Tearing into any food items you might have left behind

  • Nesting into tiny nooks and crannies by burrowing through walls, wood paneling, and more…

Chances are, your current RV insurance carrier either doesn’t offer Pest Coverage or is charging you an arm and a leg for it. Here at Roamly, we offer Pest Coverage for a very affordable price. Get a free instant quote or give us a call at 1-833-246-7773 and we'll help you make the switch!

What Roamly can offer RV owners

Did you know you could save an average of 35% compared to other insurance companies by getting a comprehensive plan with Roamly? This insurance company was created by passionate RV owners,so they know exactly the type of coverage you need for your RV. No more paying for expensive features you don’t need.

Additionally, Roamly doesn’t stop covering your RV if you decide you want to rent it out on peer-to-peer networks like Outdoorsy. That means you can make extra money when you’re not using your RV.

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