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The RVer's guide to Vegas

RVing is an excellent way to tour a city in ways you’ve never dreamed possible. Although it’s primarily known for being a gambling hotspot, Las Vegas has a lot more to it than just casino hopping. It’s one of the best cities in America for RVers to congregate with plenty of hospitality to offer RV lovers and a vast array of activities to take part in. With so much to get into, though, it can be difficult to know where to start! That’s why we’ve compiled the RVer’s guide to Vegas, so read on to get a leg up on what to expect when taking your RV to this glorious city.

Where to take your RV in Las Vegas

Las Vegas loves RVers, and it shows with the exceptional amount of spots that you can park your RV. There’s a plethora of RV parking spaces in Vegas, ranging from cheap, budget-friendly options to expensive, luxury stays. 

Budget-friendly RV camping options

For one, it’s worth noting that Vegas is very RV-friendly. The roads are wide enough to fit all kinds of RVs, so driving around the city should be no problem other than traffic, naturally. 

If you want to stay somewhere cheap in Vegas with your RV, campground prices tend to drop more and more the further you get from the heart of the city. However, not everyone is willing to stay at a spot so far from the action. This is where casino parking comes into play. 

An excellent way to save money while still parking close to where you want to be is to park in one of the RV-optimized parking spots outside of a casino! As long as you speak with the front desk and get the all-clear from them, you can take advantage of casino parking and save tons.


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Upscale campgrounds

For those willing to shell out for an incredible RV resort, Vegas has them in droves. There are tons of places close to the city with amenities like swimming pools, barbecues, and spas. Here are some of the highest-rated upscale RV campgrounds in Vegas:

  1. Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort

  2. Las Vegas KOA at Sam’s Town

  3. Circus Circus RV Park

  4. Arizona Charlie’s Las Vegas RV Park

  5. Duck Creek RV Park

  6. LVM Resort

These campgrounds will have all of the amenities you need for a comfy stay.

What to do on a Las Vegas RV trip

After you’ve set up camp, you’ll be looking to get the fun started. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Vegas.


Of course, a huge part of a Vegas vacation is the extravagant food you get to enjoy that you wouldn’t normally otherwise! Las Vegas is jam-packed with a ton of great cuisine, from decently cheap to exorbitantly expensive.

We first have to mention Vegas’ legendary all-you-can-eat buffet spots, as these have been major pulls for many food lovers over the years. Just imagine dining on a massive variety of high-quality food until you’re completely stuffed, it’s an experience that isn’t quite the same anywhere but Vegas! Thankfully, a lot of these buffet restaurants have reopened recently, so you can enjoy them once more as you always could.

Beyond this, Vegas has excellent high-end restaurants (many of which are owned by celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey) and less expensive local eateries. Comfort food and taco spots are big in Vegas, so if you’re a fan of those foods, you’re in the right place. Even if you’re not, Las Vegas has it all so you’re sure to find something delicious at a price you’re willing to pay.


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If Vegas is known for one thing above all else, it’s definitely entertainment. There are casinos galore up and down the Strip, so if a little gambling is your prerogative, you couldn’t possibly run out of options here.

There’s a lot more to the nightlife in Vegas than just gambling, though. Vegas has a huge party scene with clubs that go all night long, headlined with uber-popular musical guests. Fans of clubbing will absolutely thrive in Las Vegas, as the city has some of the most renowned clubs in America. Another great (although expensive) piece of entertainment Vegas has to offer is the Cirque du Soleil show, featuring an assortment of acrobats and other circus entertainers. You’ll never forget seeing one of these shows live.

Even if you’re trying to save money, there’s still lots of entertainment to enjoy in Vegas. There’s free entertainment all over streets like Fremont Street, packed with fascinating decor and interesting people performing for all to see. Just the experience of exploring Vegas on its own is incredible.


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Family-friendly activities

Las Vegas isn’t just for adults, either! There’s plenty for whole families to do together to create memories that’ll last a lifetime. The city has put a lot of time and money into creating wonderful emporiums for all kinds of taste, such as the Harry Potter stage adaptation, Hershey’s Chocolate World, and even thrilling roller coaster rides. 

Animal lovers will also have a blast in Vegas, with plenty of institutions dedicated to showcasing beautiful creatures such as dolphins, big cats, lizards, and more. No matter what your kid is into, there’s sure to be something right up their alley in Vegas.

Natural wonders

No guide to touring Las Vegas would be complete without mentioning the gorgeous natural scenery all around. You can pull your RV up to a number of scenic locales and go for top-tier hikes if that’s the name of your game, or just sit back and relax, absorbing natural beauty like no other. 

A major destination we recommend here is the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Here, you’ll get the chance to journey through a huge, red mountain range and see how the landscape has developed over the last several centuries. This spot is essential for any hiking lover out there, as each mile will show you a sight totally different from what you’ve seen before. 

Another great place to visit is the Clark County Wetlands Park. Its terrain is completely unique from the Red Rock Canyon, representing the diversity of nature you can experience in Vegas. This is a wonderful place to take your kids to if you’re traveling with family, with the activities open to visitors as well as the fun classes you can take. Whether you’re ready to embark on a day-long journey through the mountains or would simply like to have a nice, relaxing stroll through the wetlands, Vegas has nature for everyone to enjoy.

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