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What are the RVs with the best resale value?

When you buy an RV, you hope that it will keep you happy for a long time and maybe even last long enough to pass on to family at some point. But if there’s one thing that is guaranteed, it’s that things can change when you least expect them. Whether you’re buying a new RV because you’ve outgrown your old one or your hobbies have changed and there’s just no more room in your life to keep an RV, you may have to sell it. 

The biggest factor in determining how much your RV sells for will be the way you’ve treated it while you owned it. A well-maintained, clean, undamaged RV will always be worth more than a beat-up hunk of junk. But between two RVs of a similar age and condition, which brands retain their value best and resell for the most money? 

When it comes to construction and structure, quality of materials used, and quality control standards, every RV brand is different. In turn, not all RVs retain their value in the same way. In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the most well-trusted RV brands with the best resale value.


If you’re looking for a brand with high-quality products that are built to last, the warranty is a great place to look. While a long warranty doesn’t guarantee longevity, it shows that the company is confident in what they’ve made, and that they’re willing to pay to have anything fixed if it goes wrong due to poor manufacturing. That can be expensive to do, and the longer the warranty lasts, the more likely they are to lose money on it. 

So when Jayco offers the longest, most complete warranty, you know they’re putting their money where their mouth is. You can trust that as long as you put the work in to keep it in good shape, a Jayco RV should still be in good condition when it comes time to resell it. This hard-fought reputation has been built up over the course of the last fifty years by building every RV the right way, and not cutting corners to improve margins. Buying a Jayco will be a great decision for you, and for whoever you sell it to down the line.


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Grand Design

At under thirty years old, Grand Design is a relative newcomer on the RV scene, but they have quickly established themselves as a high-quality brand. 

Not only are their cabins luxuriously appointed on the inside, but, more importantly, they are built to high standards. Their walls are made from high-strength laminated aluminum, the wood truss framed roof is covered in TPO rubber strong enough to walk on, and the undercarriage is fully enclosed. This means that the outer protective layer of a Grand Design RV is built to withstand the harshest elements and keep the inside cozy and comfortable at all times, helping improve the longevity of all the moving parts that go into these palaces on wheels. 

This strong reputation of high-quality materials and construction makes these some of the most valuable RVs on the secondhand market.


The Oliver Travel Trailer company is very new on the scene but has quickly established itself as a reputable manufacturer of RVs. Before getting into the RV game, Oliver Technologies had already established itself as a manufacturer, and one of the brothers who founded the company decided they should use their resources and know-how to make a better travel trailer than the ones they had grown up adventuring in. 

What they ended up making was an enhanced version of a Casita trailer with a double-hulled fiberglass shell for increased durability and insulation. Inside these durable outer layers are very efficiently designed spaces that make the most out of small footprints and feature premium materials to lend a surprisingly luxurious feel to what might otherwise look like ordinary, cramped little spaces. 

Thanks to their commitment to long-lasting, well-made rides, Oliver Travel Trailers are one of the RV brands with the highest resale value.


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Like Xerox, Band-Aid, Kleenex, Google, and countless other companies, Winnebago has become so synonymous with recreational vehicles that many people will refer to RVs as Winnebagos, regardless of who made them. 

For over sixty years now, Winnebago has been constructing motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and truck campers in their factory in Forest City, Iowa. When you have the world’s largest motorhome manufacturing facility and one of the most recognizable brand names, people will gravitate towards them when looking for a used RV. 

If someone unfamiliar with RVing is looking to get into the hobby, they might not know the difference between a Coachmen and a Forest River, but they know the name Winnebago. And while name recognition means a lot when trying to resell your RV, so does a reputation of good work. Despite nearly going bankrupt in the late 2000s with the financial crisis, Winnebago has been known to make quality RVs that will last a long time if you treat them right. If you own a Winnebago and keep it in good condition, you should have no problem reselling it at a good price.


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While quality construction, good materials, and comfortable interiors are the biggest factors in resale value, it feels like Airstreams could be empty boxes made out of old soda cans and still sell well. They could probably get away with all sorts of shortcuts and hacks because their “silver bullet” design is such an icon that it sells itself. But luckily, Airstream has always held itself to the highest standards. They have strongly built frames, durable metal siding, and reliable axles on all of their travel trailers. Since they don’t make any motorhomes, you don’t have to worry about keeping engine parts in good shape; as long as you don’t damage the stunning lines of the exterior and keep the interior clean and free of any notable defects, reselling your Airstream should be easy. Their design and engineering were made to last, and buyers recognize that.

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