Why We (Already) Love Winnebago's New All-Electric Campervan

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Oh heck yes! Winnebago’s getting in on the EV game. Verge reported this week that the RV leader's fully-operational prototype – built on the Ford E-Transit platform – is in its final stage of testing.

Aside from the 900W the roof solar panels will generate, the 100+ mile range perfect for enjoying the journey and the destination, and smart home features like power monitoring and lights/temperature control, here’s a quick list of why we’re excited to welcome the latest innovation from this classic RV builder:

  1. Strength in numbers.

For anyone who's been wanting to get into RVing but held off because of the carbon footprint, an electric campervan offers a great potential solution. And the more the community of RV owners grows, the more listings we'll see on our sister site Outdoorsy, and the more people we can support with our RV insurance that covers campervans and commercial peer-to-peer rentals. 

2. RVing for the environmentally-conscious

One of the obvious main benefits is the significant reduction in emissions. Electric vehicles produce zero emissions – so when eRV2 owners hit the road, they won't be contributing to air pollution. 

3. RV cost efficiency

Like most hobbies, RV ownership has its list of little – and one or two big – expenses that can add up, and gas is at the top of the list. The cost of electricity is significantly lower than the cost of gasoline, so the eRV2 will be much cheaper to operate per trip than a gas-powered campervan.

4. Less RV maintenance stress

Electric vehicles require less maintenance, so not only will eRV2 owners save money on fuel, you’ll have fewer trips to the shop and less frequent replacement-parts searches.  

5. Peace and quiet, #vanlife-style

Electric vehicles are quiet. As in, some of them literally make little chirping noises when they start to accelerate to warn people nearby who may think they’re parked. The reduction in decibel levels is healthier for passengers as well as for the people with you on the road or in the towns and campgrounds you visit.   like eRV2 provides a unique driving experience with almost no noise and smoothness, which gives you a sense of peace and quiet while on the road. Read more about decibel levels here. 

6. Flower and power

Going green isn’t just for "crunchy" folks: electric vehicles have instant torque, which means that they can accelerate quickly and smoothly, so for people who love an achievement of excellent machinery and the thrill of the (reasonable, legal) acceleration, you won't be sacrificing either.

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