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10 ideas for RV Halloween decorations

It’s the spookiest time of the year and now is the time to start getting those decorations ready! Even if you find yourself traveling in your RV all of October, that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the festivities. There’s plenty you can do to get your RV ready for the season, and we’re here to help you brainstorm. 

10 Halloween decor ideas for your RV

We’ve compiled 10 ideas for RV Halloween decorations so that you can easily and affordably give your campground neighbors a safe, seasonal fright.

1. String up Halloween-themed lights

Fun lights are a popular way to decorate your RV year-round, so why wouldn’t it apply to Halloween? You can find all sorts of bat, ghost, or pumpkin-shaped lights at a variety of hobby stores and string them up around the interior and exterior of your RV once you’re parked. 

If LED lights are more your style, nothing screams Halloween than orange and black lighting. Lights are a great choice because they’re completely customizable to your preferences. You can buy as many as you’d like and arrange them in tons of ways. Most people opt for simple horizontal strings of lights, but if you’re feeling really creative, you could always shape them into a pumpkin or a spooky creature!


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2. Carve DIY Jack-o-lanterns

Not only are jack-o-lanterns a tried and true Halloween classic, carving them yourself can be a great activity for the family! Most general stores will sell pumpkins and carving kits in October, so it’s an easy find wherever you are.


Jack-o-lanterns are great decorations because pumpkins are some of the most recognizable Halloween symbols, and you can carve anything you want into them. It’s usually a good idea to watch some tutorials beforehand, and maybe even buy some practice pumpkins to try out in case you make some mistakes with your design. 

3. Bake some spooky snacks

One of the most popular ways of celebrating the Halloween season is making some spooky-themed food. Your average everyday cupcakes and cookies can be spruced up with frosting to make them look like ghosts, witches, pumpkins, or any other scary creature. 

Cookie cutting kits will let you press fun designs into your cookie dough, and seasonal decoration materials can give you the opportunity to take otherwise normal food and add fun twists to them, like googly eyes or bat wings. 

4. Set up your door with a motion-sensing sound system

A really fun way to celebrate Halloween in your RV is by purchasing a motion-sensing system that plays sounds when it’s activated. You can wire it up so that it activates any time the RV’s door is opened, triggering a witch’s cackle, the sound of rattling bones, or even a deep, scary voice warning visitors to beware. There are all kinds of sounds you can find with Halloween-themed motion sensors. 

This is a particularly great idea for an RV Halloween decoration because it comes as a complete shock to your guests. There aren’t any visual hints that suggest the sounds will be triggered, so no one should expect this one when they encounter it.


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5. Make your own graveyard

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make your RV festive for October, it doesn’t get much more convenient than gravestones. These decorations are typically made of styrofoam or plastic, are found at most general stores in October, and are extremely simple to set up. 

Once you’ve settled in your campground for Halloween at a place you plan to stay at, you can create a small graveyard outside with these headstones. All you have to do is place them in the ground, make sure they’re stable and won’t fall over, and you’re finished! Just be sure to keep them close to your RV— you don’t want to clutter your neighbor’s site.

6. Scatter plastic rats around

Not much is scarier to an RVer than the hint of a rat infestation. We honestly can’t think of a place where plastic rats could be more effective as a Halloween decoration than an RV campground! You can buy these for cheap and scatter them around the outside of your RV. If you’re feeling extra diabolical, you can also hide them in surprise spots like under pillowcases and inside cabinets to scare your loved ones.


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7. Get creative with your kitchenware

Want everything in your RV to reflect the spooky season? Buy some seasonal linens and plasticware! You can replace your normal dish towels with frightful ones that have spiders, witches, or Halloween-related phrases on them. There are also plenty of exciting tablecloths out there specifically designed for Halloween events. You can round out this set with orange and black plasticware and plates. All of these are usually pretty inexpensive and are an easy way to decorate. 

8. Put decals on your windows

Finding a way to decorate your windows can be tricky, which is why there are Halloween-themed decals out there! You just have to stick them to your windows and then peel them off when you’re done with them, and they come in all sorts of designs. Skeletons, spiders, and witches are particularly popular.

9. Wipe your feet on diabolical doormats

A lot of RV lovers use doormats in the entryway of their RVs in order to keep dirt and grime from getting tracked in. Why not use this opportunity to decorate a little bit? You can get fun doormats reminding visitors to keep the RV clean while wishing them a Happy Halloween. Plus, if you pair this with the motion-sensing sound system idea, you can really scare-ify your RV’s entrance.

10. Don’t forget the candy

The centerpiece of Halloween for many people is the candy! Don’t just feel obligated to buy candy to give out though, seize the chance to turn this activity into its own form of decoration. A lot of Halloween candy is sold in fun packaging like big plastic pumpkins or witch cauldrons. You can strategically place your candy around the outside of your RV or on tables at the campgrounds to double as a decorative piece.

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