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The best RVs and motorhomes with bunk beds

Comfort is often top of the list for many people when it comes to choosing a motorhome. A huge factor that affects an RV’s comfort level is how much room there is inside for people to live. That’s why RVs and motorhomes with bunk beds have been getting more popular! Here, we’ll tell you about all of the storage and comfort features you can expect to enjoy if you purchase an RV with a motorhome.

Benefits of an RV with bunk beds

There are many wonderful reasons to purchase an RV with bunk beds, and it often won’t cost you much more than a similar RV without. Here are some of the biggest benefits to look forward to when purchasing a motorhome with bunk beds:

Extra storage space

By giving you the ability to house extra people in a room while only taking up vertical space, bunk beds are great for improving storage capacity. The space that they occupy is now being cleverly used to let more people sleep, whereas before it likely wasn’t being used at all. The space above your RV’s bed is not something most people normally think about or put to good use, but a bunk bed takes care of that problem.


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Much-needed privacy

Travelling with a family? Get an RV with bunk beds and you just might be buying yourself some room to be alone or with your loved one whenever you need space. Those close living quarters in a motorhome can get stressful after long trips, especially ones with young kids, so bunk beds are a great way to ensure that the kids get their own space and the parents get theirs. This is an underrated feature of RVs with bunk beds and can be much-needed in stressful situations.

It saves on costs

Wait, having a bunk bed in my RV will save me money? Believe it or not, it’s true! Since bunk beds allow you to sleep more people in a smaller square footage, you can get a smaller— and more fuel efficient— vehicle. This will provide nice savings on gas, which will add up in a big way over time as gas is one of the most expensive costs you’ll encounter while owning an RV. Furthermore, if you want to travel with a bigger group of people, you can fit them into an RV with bunk beds rather than renting or buying a second RV. 


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The best RVs and motorhomes with bunk beds

After learning about the great advantages of having a bunk bed in your motorhome, you might be keen to make a purchase. Look no further than our ranking of the best RVs and motorhomes with bunk beds on the market:

Tiffin Allegro Red

When it comes to exceptional Class A motorhomes with bunk beds, it doesn’t get much nicer than the Tiffin Allegro Red. This absolutely massive RV has a ridiculous amount of interior storage with the ability to comfortably sleep several people. It has two bathrooms, a master bedroom, a bunk bed, a second bunk area that can be fitted with another bunk bed above it, and a couch in the main room that can easily serve as an additional place to sleep. 

On top of its copious amounts of space, the Allegro Red also offers supreme comfort. Two high-quality A/C systems will keep you and your family cool through the night, and high-end TV and Spyder entertainment systems are great options to occupy your time in dull moments.

Thor Chateau

This Class C motorhome may seem like it has a small interior when you first look at it, but the internal space has been cleverly designed at each and every turn to maximize storage. Here, you get a whopping total of 3 bunk beds as well as room to put in 3 TVs. A bathroom complete with its own shower and a dinette area round out the Chateau’s main utilities, but bonus features like the power charging center sweeten the deal even further. 

When you step inside the Chateau, you’ll be shocked at just how much they managed to pack in this RV using slide outs and other equipment without making the interior feel cramped.


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Jayco Jay Flight 32TSBH

Look no further than the Jay Flight 32TSBH if you want a luxurious travel trailer that can house many people. This motorhome was designed to allow for up to 7 people (even more if they’re willing to sleep on the couch) to stay and enjoy the home’s exquisite amenities. 

While this travel trailer isn’t cheap, there’s a reason for that. Each of the typical utilities you’d get in an RV are here in top form, with a spacious kitchen, modern entertainment center, and full size bathroom all provided. If you love making anywhere in the world your own personal lawn, the top tier awning that comes with this RV will treat you nicely. The Jay Flight is a perfect motorhome with a bunk bed if you’re looking to house several people and are willing to shell out for it.

Fleetwood Bounder

Class A motorhomes are known for their extensive suites of features and amenities, and the Bounder is no exception. Fleetwood optimized each and every piece of this RV so that your standard fare like the bathroom and kitchen are incredibly robust. Not only do you get access to everything you could possibly need in the Bounder, you also get options you didn’t even realize you wanted, such as the ability to adjust the cabinet shelves to your liking and a premium shower made of fiberglass. You and several other people will be hitting the road in style if you go with the Bounder.

Winnebago Forza 38R

The Forza 38R does more than just offer excellent interior space, a full bathroom, and a huge living room. It gives owners the choice to dynamically change what purpose they’re using their space for in a way that sets it apart from many competitors. You can quickly change the interior to suit your next activity at will, optimizing it for sleeping, dining, or just hanging out in the living room. The adaptability of the 38R is the motorhome’s main appeal, great for anyone looking to spend a lot of time in their RV.

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