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Commercial RV rental insurance

If you own a fleet of five or more recreational vehicles or run a rental business, you know there’s a lot at stake — from customer liability to the expensive vehicles themselves. Good insurance that protects your business is critical, but the costs can add up quickly.

Luckily, Roamly’s commercial RV insurance is typically 25%* or more cheaper than our competitors because you only pay for the insurance you need. In fact, some fleet owners tell us they save 40% with Roamly insurance. Read on to learn how we can offer lower rates as well as some other cost-saving tips for your rental business.

What is commercial RV rental insurance?

As you probably know, commercial RV rental insurance covers liabilities, physical damages, and situations related to your business. A commercial policy is specifically designed for those who own a fleet of RVs — typically five or more. 

When do you need commercial RV insurance vs. personal insurance?

This is a common question so let’s clear up any confusion. Rule #1 is that using normal personal RV insurance for a rental fleet is very risky. Mainly because those kinds of insurance policies don’t allow commercial usage. This means if you file a claim, their adjusters are likely to find your business online and then deny your claim. Nobody wants their claims denied, but when exactly do you need commercial rv insurance?

If any of these apply to you, a commercial policy is probably a good idea:

  1. You rent out five or more RVs on a regular basis.

  2. You currently have an RV rental business website.

  3. You store your RV at your business location.

  4. You have business partners or employees driving your vehicles.

  5. You manage vehicles that have been consigned to you.

  6. You use commercial RV insurance for business purposes (i.e. deliveries, trade shows).

What benefits does Roamly commercial insurance offer RV owners?

Commercial RV insurance can be — well, expensive. A commercial policy with Roamly, however, won’t break the bank. How, you ask?

Roamly is less expensive because it only insures the time outside of the rentals. During the rental period, you don’t need to pay for coverage because your renters already pay for it. And for added security, both Wheelbase Pro and Outdoorsy offer built-in insurance during the rental period at no cost for owners. So between Roamly and Wheelbase Pro (or Outdoorsy), you get all the coverage you need without paying for the insurance you don’t. 

As mentioned above, an additional benefit to renting through Wheelbase Pro or Outdoorsy is that each verified vehicle is financially guarded for its actual cash value during the rental period. On top of that, you’re covered with $1 million in liability insurance protection during each trip. That’s legit protection right there. 

Cost-saving tip: Unlike Outdoorsy, there are no commissions or service fees associated with using Wheelbase Pro. That means you can book renters directly and earn more per rental. Wheelbase Pro is not only a powerful booking and management tool, but it’s also free to use if you have five or more RVs. Check Wheelbase out if you haven't already.

How much does commercial RV insurance cost?

Roamly offers smarter commercial RV rental insurance rates that are typically 25% (or more) less expensive than our competitors. To do this, we negotiated lower rates based on two things: charging you for less personal coverage and by not making you pay for insurance you don’t need. Nobody else offers this, so let’s explain each.

First off, you mostly use your rigs for business and probably aren’t taking them on personal joyrides every weekend. By assuming lower personal utilization, we can offer you lower insurance rates. 

The second way we can offer lower rates is by not charging you for insurance during the rentals. That’s because your renters are already paying for that coverage. So why should you pay for insurance you don’t need? We here at Roamly don’t think you should. That’s why we’ve partnered with Wheelbase Pro and Outdoorsy to know when your rigs are rented, which allows us to pass lower rates on to you. To start your free quote, click the big green button at the bottom of this page.

What about insurance for people who rent my RVs?

Both Wheelbase Pro and Outdoorsy have built-in processes to make getting insurance for renters easy. In this section we’ll focus on Wheelbase Pro, which offers a convenient way for you to offer daily rental insurance at no cost to you.

For starters, Wheelbase Pro makes it easy to vet your renters by having them pass a driver verification process. That includes a background check along with ID verification. Drivers also must be over 25 years of age. This verification process is automated, which saves you the time and hassle of doing it yourself.

Renters who pass the verification process then get to purchase one of three different Protection Packages at a daily rate. Each package offers physical damage, liability, and an array of additional services. Should an accident occur, your renters are also responsible for the full deductible. 

What’s included in commercial RV rental insurance?

You might notice coverage is similar to a personal auto insurance policy. But the limits of a commercial policy tend to be higher since there are more risks to account for. 

Liability coverage

Liability is composed of bodily injury and personal property coverage. Together, they cover injuries or damage to other people or their property if your business is found at fault for an accident. 

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive insurance covers the repairs or replacement of any of your RVs themselves for non-collision accidents. Things like fallen trees, hail damage, theft, vandalism, fires and so on. 

Collision coverage

Collision covers your vehicles if they’re involved in a crash with another car or object. And that’s regardless of fault. It’s worth mentioning, too, that comprehensive is required before you can add collision coverage.

Medical payments

This coverage makes sure that you, employees, or passengers get their medical expenses taken care of if they’re involved in an accident. Again, this is regardless of fault. 

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage

Say you’re in an accident. The other driver’s at fault but they have not enough insurance. Or no insurance. In fact, maybe it’s a hit and run (uh oh!). But not to worry. Uninsured motorist ensures that your repairs or medical fees are covered when the other driver can’t.

To get a solid idea of how much commercial RV rental insurance would cost for your fleet, start a quick, free quote. One of our licensed agents will then ask you a few simple questions and offer up coverage options and their respective costs based on your answers. Talk about a breeze. 

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