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New Year's Resolutions for RVers

It's easy – and freeing!– to get comfortable in your #vanlife ways. But if you've found yourself or your co-pilot getting a little too casual, the start of a new year is a great time to set an intention to get back on track. Here are some of the best RV New Year's resolutions we spotted out on the world wide web this week:

  1. Resolve to visit the mechanic and get that strange knocking sound checked out. Safety first, folks. If your van or RV has started making its need for a maintenance check known, set an intention pronto to put aside time and funds to have it properly investigated so you don't end up a road-warrior tale of woe. We have a ton of great info in the Roamly Learning Center to help keep you in the know and on top of maintenance and cleaning.

2. Resolve to stop pretending that you accumulates drive-thru frequent flier points and actually cook a meal on the stove. You didn't get into RVing to spend hours on the web and social media, but when you're tackling menu prep for your resolution, TikTok has loads of ideas for meals that involve lightweight prep, minimal space, and, more importantly, minimal clean-up. Start by finding just two or three go-to recipes to focus on, and each week get faster at prep, and fine-tune your seasoning.

3. Resolve to stop using the van's side mirror as a makeshift barber shop. Recent studies show that our home environment contributes to our mental well-being more than we previously thought – so make sure yours is one that is conducive to self-care. For ten bucks, these stick-on tile mirrors will make any space in your RV or van a space to get looking your best, and brighten it up to boot.

4. Resolve to stop hitting every pothole in the campground. A jokey resolution, but as they say, there's truth in comedy. If you've tuned out the massive jolting and rattling to your RV, van, and spine when you hit a pothole, you may want to set an intention this year of just... slowing the heck down? You didn't get into RV life to drag race and do donuts in the parking lot – being mindful of your speed and the pavement ahead protects you, your passengers, pedestrians, bikers, and fellow drivers, and down the road your undercarriage, shocks, and wallet will thank you.

5. Resolve to actually use the fold-out bed instead of just piling blankets and pillows on the floor. More and more we're learning what a huge role quality sleep plays in our mental and physical health. Per the NIH, sleep deficiency and poor sleep quality is linked to depression, obesity, heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and more. Sleep deficiency is also linked to a higher chance of injury in adults, teens, and children.

My favorite way to change a habit is POLR – Path of Least Resistance. So if you've gotten in the habit of phoning in your bedtime routine, make a point this year to shift your space so that it's as effortless as possible to bring your bed back into action each evening. This might mean getting crafty with where you stow your mattress (i.e.: don't, and instead use a pulley to raise it to the ceiling, etc.) and other bedding.

6. Resolve to go a little greener. If you're a person who sets massive resolutions, gets overwhelmed, and drops the whole idea, we feel ya. But the planet needs you to just make one more adjustment this year. Set an intention to find just one way you can be more environmental on the road. Like we mentioned in our post on Best Gifts for RVers, the Lomi composter is a fantastic investment in reducing waste and small enough for most homes on the road. Some other ways to save the planet, bit by bit:

  1. Keep your RV well-maintained to improve fuel efficiency

  2. Drive at a steady speed and avoid fast acceleration and braking

  3. Plan your route to minimize the amount of driving you need to do

  4. Use a portable solar panel or generator to power your RV when you're parked

  5. Install a bike rack on the back of your RV to explore local areas without driving

  6. Make the switch to LED lights and energy-efficient appliances

  7. Keep an eye out for campsites that are powered by renewable energy sources

  8. Use environmentally-friendly cleaning products

7. Resolve to whittle down expenses. New year, new budget: set aside an hour to assess what you spend on when you're in RV-mode, and if you're getting the best value for your money. Download the Upside app to get money back at gas stations around the country, get your Roamly RV insurance quote to save up to 25% on your RV insurance, and run a quick comparison on your phone plan – from first-hand experience, Visible has better coverage than T-Mobile and AT&T for $30/month.

What are your RV New Years Resolutions? Chime in on our Facebook page.

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