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Maroon Bells, Colorado

Roamly greets Colorado

Roamly is delighted to make its debut in the gorgeous mountain state of Colorado! Perfect for all sorts of RV trips, this state is home to some of the most beautiful sights in the country and is a dream destination for many people. Roamly is ready to provide you with best-in-class RV insurance to protect you on all of your Colorado adventures.

Our robust RV insurance policies cover everything under the sun that could happen while RVing in Colorado, from simple liability coverage to the complete full-timers’ package. Your treks through the glorious mountains of the Centennial State should be a magical experience that isn’t hampered by an accident on the road or campsite. That’s why we offer a well-rounded suite of coverage—so you can handle any situation you may encounter in the mountains without stress. Roamly will take care of you every step of the way so that you can enjoy your Colorado trip with peace of mind.


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Welcome to Colorado

Welcome to Colorado

Why Roamly loves Colorado

Colorado is an incredible place and we love to sing its praises. Encompassing a majority of the Southern Rocky Mountains, this state is one of the most desirable for RV trips in the United States. Colorado’s mountains have a stunning total of 53 true peaks, which is a great feature for those who enjoy hiking. 

Mountains aren’t the only attractive part of Colorado’s geography, however. Colorado also contains large portions of the Colorado Plateau and the Great Plains! There’s a ton to see in this state regardless of what kind of terrain you prefer, whether it’s mountains, rolling land, deserts, or canyons. One of the reasons Colorado is perfect for RVing is that you can get up one morning, decide what kind of nature you want to immerse yourself in that day and go make it a reality. Whether you’d like to explore one of the numerous state parks, such as Stagecoach or Highline Lake State Park, or hike up a mountain, your RV will give you the trip you desire in Colorado.

In addition to a beautiful geographic makeup, Colorado has a storied history as well. The state has been home to Native Americans for over 13,000 years and played a large role in early American history. The Rocky Mountains that span the state acted as a major route for early migrants spreading out throughout the country. Colorado became a state one hundred years after the Declaration of Independence was signed, lending Colorado its nickname “the Centennial State”. Since then, Colorado has seen major population growth and expansions of its flagship industries.

Colorado’s economy was originally centered around mining, but expanded to irrigated agriculture throughout the 19th century as the practice became more popular. Later in this century, livestock production became the backbone of Colorado’s economy. Today, Colorado’s culture and population have evolved to thrive on a different subset of economic activities, including defense, tourism, and the production of several agricultural products, namely corn, hay, marijuana, and dairy. 

Ridgway, Colorado

Ridgway, Colorado

Colorado and the tourism industry 

Tourism is a major factor in driving Colorado’s growth. This state is known for being one of the hottest tourist destinations in America, and the tourism industry is only growing. In 2018, over 85 million tourists visited Colorado, generating almost $23 billion in revenue for the year. It isn’t just the number of visitors that’s expanding, either. Colorado’s population has grown dramatically in recent years, with 1.5 million new residents moving to the state in the past two decades, culminating in a current population of about 5.8 million people. This kind of rapid growth means that Colorado towns’ infrastructure will have to keep up, but so far they seem to be doing a great job. 


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One of Colorado’s largest pulls for many people is its distinct culture. Colorado has a thriving arts and film scene, attracting large film productions and notable artists. Foodies relish in the delicious sprawl of cuisine, ranging from homestyle meals to delectable fusions. Furthermore, Colorado was one of the flagship states to legalize marijuana, which has impacted the state’s economy and culture. Cannabis and beer are two major industries in Colorado that are highly celebrated among residents.

If you’re a sports fan, that’s another great reason to head over to Colorado. Not only does the state have a franchise in each of the five major professional sports leagues, but it’s also home to landmark spots like the Mile High Stadium and the Olympics Training Center.

The climate you might experience in Colorado depends heavily on where, exactly, you’re at in the state. Given that the geography is varied enough to have both deserts and mountains, a visitor can experience all sorts of weather in Colorado, and it can change with relatively little warning. Thankfully, Roamly offers RV insurance policies like comprehensive coverage that will help pay for any damages incurred by sudden changes in climate. Colorado’s weather is some of the most complicated and unpredictable in the country, so it’s always smart to have coverage that’ll take care of you in the event of a sudden weather-related accident.


It’s not always smooth sailing on the open road. Learn how RV insurance through Roamly can protect you on a rainy day.

A major factor to consider before embarking on any Colorado RV trip is the road conditions. Certain parts of the state tend to be covered in snow and ice much of the year, leading to slick roads and accidents. 

Adventure with Roamly in Colorado

You’ll need to have a minimum of liability coverage for your RV in Colorado, but it’s wise to set yourself up with a more robust insurance policy to protect yourself in precarious weather conditions. Our collision coverage is suited to handle Colorado’s slipperiest streets, making sure you don’t have to pay for accidents out of pocket. 

There are many RV insurance agents in Colorado already, but Roamly is entering the scene with top-of-the-line policies at great rates that many agents can’t match up to. We can save you up to 25% on your insurance policy, and provide you with coverage tailored to your needs based on the kind of RV trip you plan on taking. Choose us for your RV insurance and you’re sure to enjoy Colorado the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

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