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Why an RV roadside assistance program is indispensable

We know buying an RV comes with a lot of costs attached to it, which can make shirking the ones that don’t seem as important an enticing option. However, roadside assistance is not an insurance policy that should be ignored. 

Roadside assistance programs are indispensable because you never know when you might need one until the moment you do. If you find yourself in a sticky situation without this policy, you could face huge consequences. In this article, we’ll explain why it’s important that you sign up for one of these programs and how you can get help should disaster strike unexpectedly on the road.

What is a roadside assistance program?

In a nutshell, roadside assistance programs are designed to help you if anything happens while on the road that leaves you stranded or in need of emergency assistance. 

Let’s say you experience a flat tire, run out of gas, or have your RV’s battery die on you. If you’re part of a roadside assistance program, you can call the number given to you by the company and they’ll send someone out to get you up and running again. This may mean making a small repair, taking you to a gas station, or towing your rig to a repair shop. 

It’s important to note that roadside assistance is not insurance. This program isn’t meant to cover the costs of damages to your vehicle in the event of an accident and won’t pay for repairs; it’s simply meant to get you out of a tight spot when it occurs. 


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Why are RV roadside assistance programs indispensable? 

It’s impossible to know when you’ll need roadside assistance until you do. That’s why we always recommend signing up for an RV roadside assistance program before you embark on your first journey. Your options for help will be extremely limited if your RV breaks down in the middle of nowhere if you aren’t a part of something like this, and that’s a situation no one ever wants to be in. 

Here are some of the most common problems that people use roadside assistance for:

  1. Flat or blown out tires

  2. RV battery dies on the side of the road

  3. Their RV needs maintenance but they weren’t able to get it serviced yet, leading to mechanical failure

  4. The RV has run out of gas and is no longer drivable

These are just a few examples of the many incidents that can occur suddenly on the road. The beauty of RV roadside assistance programs is the amount of service they’re willing to provide, tailored to meet the needs of your specific problem. 

Got a flat tire? Someone will come and change it out for you. Dead battery? They’ll give you a jump start. These programs are also great about taking you to wherever you need to go if they can’t perform the service and get you back on the road themselves. 

The fact that we’re talking about RVs here makes these programs all the more invaluable. You won’t have much luck pushing your camper to the nearest gas station if you run out of fuel, so why not get help? Even if nothing ever happens to you on the road, it’s worth joining a roadside assistance program just for the peace of mind. You’ll travel knowing that you have a plan if anything happens.


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What to for when choosing a roadside assistance program

Not all RV roadside assistance programs are made equal, so as you would do with any major decision, you should research different options and compare. Different companies can offer wildly different programs, so find what’s best for you and fits your needs. Here are some of the most important things to consider with any roadside assistance program:


Of course, cost is a big one. It’s totally okay if you’re not comfortable spending a ton of money on a program you may never use, but it doesn’t mean you should just go without one. There are plenty of cost-effective options out there, so shop around and find the best deal that you can afford. Of course, you can always bundle roadside assistance with your insurance policy for one easy, convenient payment.  


Believe it or not, not every roadside assistance program covers all types of RVs. Some explicitly exclude motorized RVs, so be sure to read the finer details of the contract and ensure that your vehicle will be covered. 

It’s also vital to have a strong understanding of how the roadside assistance program will help you. Different programs have different specified towing distances, which dictates how many miles they’re willing to tow your vehicle. If you’re truly stranded in the middle of nowhere, you don’t want to get a nasty surprise when you realize your roadside assistance program only tows you five miles. How much towing distance you want at your disposal is up to you, but if you want to be safe, look at some of the programs that can tow you hundreds (or even unlimited) miles. 

Extra Services

The best roadside assistance programs will take care of you in all kinds of binds, but some only offer you towing services to get you to the nearest service station. If you’d rather have the comfort of knowing you can also get emergency gas delivery, a quick jump start, or a tire change, go with the programs that offer full suites of services.


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Customer Reviews

Of course, customer reviews are just as important for roadside assistance programs as they are for any other product or service. Read up on what past and current customers have to say about the program. Does the company do what they say they’ll do? Do they arrive to help you out in a timely manner? Do they have a tendency to spring surprise fees on you without warning? These are all important questions, so find out how satisfied people are with the service.

Where to go for a roadside assistance program

No matter where you go for a roadside assistance program, it’s important that your chosen company meets all of your qualifications, especially those listed above. 

If you want an exceptional, responsive, and inexpensive program,there’s no need to look further than Roamly. Roamly offers an incredible roadside assistance program, as well as a full suite of RV insurance policies. Coming in at a cheaper price than most competitors, Roamly’s program will not only tow your RV to a service station; it’ll make sure you get the tire change, fuel delivery, or jumpstart you need too, among other things. 

Go with Roamly and rest easy knowing that you’re in great hands on the open road!

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