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The best RVs for full-time living

There are plenty of reasons why you might be considering living in an RV full time. The ability to live your life wherever you see fit, especially in some of the most beautiful parks this country has to offer, is a very enticing prospect. Why be tied down to one location when you want to get the most out of life? And with the increased feasibility of working from home and online education, along with the ever-improving cellular data infrastructure, it’s never been more practical to live on the road in a recreational vehicle. With how high house prices and rent are getting, you might be able to have a higher quality of life in an RV at an even lower price than you could get from conventional housing. 

Just because your home won’t have a permanent address doesn’t mean that you can’t live in comfort, or even luxury. We’ll walk you through some of the best RVs for full-time living.

Forest River Alpha Wolf 30RDB-L

Forest River is one of the biggest names in recreational vehicles, and travel trailers like the Alpha Wolf are a big part of the reason why. If you intend to live with a family of four full-time, the Alpha Wolf 30RDB-L is the first place you should look. 

At the front of the trailer is the queen-sized bed in the master bedroom, which is fully closed off from the rest of the cabin with two doors, one of which gives you easy access to the bathroom. There is even room to walk around the front and sides of the bed, and still have a wardrobe on each side plus overhead storage. 

At the back end, there is a separate room behind the barn style door where the two kids can sleep in their bunk beds and store their clothes in a surprisingly roomy wardrobe. But these aren’t the tiny kind of bunks they might know from sleepaway camps; these are two full-sized beds stacked on top of each other. 

The main living area features a sofa across from the TV mount and a U-shaped booth-style dinette. Both of these can also convert into sleeping areas when not in use. In the kitchen you’ll find a three-burner stove, an oven, a microwave, a large sink (optionally a farmhouse style sink) and a refrigerator. But you don’t just have storage for cold food— around the corner from the TV area is a walk-in pantry. 

Finally, circling back to that bathroom, you’ll find three different doors to get into the bathroom. One from the main living area, one from the master bedroom, and one from the outside. In the room itself you will find a shower, a porcelain toilet, and a vanity sink, plus up above you will see the skylight that comes standard with the Alpha Wolf. 

Optional features include a Bluetooth audio system with a 200W subwoofer, an upgraded 12V residential refrigerator with 11 cubic feet of space, and even a fireplace. With a well-equipped base model and lavish upgrades available, this is one of the best RVs for full-time living with a family.


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Casita Spirit 17-foot Deluxe

If it’s just you, a significant other, and possibly a pet moving your life on the road, then you might not need to go as big as the Alpha Wolf. A great option at a great price is the Casita Spirit Deluxe. 

It packs just about everything you need in a compact package that you could tow with most midsize SUVs or light duty pickups. It uses its space efficiently to create the most roomy possible space in a 17-foot long cabin, complete with a full-sized bed that converts into a dinette, and a dinette that converts into a twin-sized bed. This means that two people working from home could easily get their own space to get work done without getting too cramped. 

At the front end is a fully-equipped wet bath.Next to that you still get a wardrobe, and a kitchenette complete with a refrigerator, microwave, stove, and sink. Plus there is storage in every possible corner in this trailer— under all the bedding and seats, in the kitchen, and overhead all along the back half of the cabin. 

It might not be the most luxurious accommodations possible, but the Casita Spirit makes efficient use of its space and has all you need to go wherever your life takes you.


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Jayco Redhawk 31F

If you don’t have a truck or SUV to haul a trailer and you don’t really feel like getting one, why not get a motorhome that has the engine built-in? The Jayco Redhawk line might not immediately strike you as great full-time RVs, but they have enough floor plans to suit just about anyone’s needs. 

The 31F is excellent for families, boasting an enclosed master bedroom with a queen-sized bed, a pair of bunk beds, and a bunk space above the cockpit that can be used for storage or sleeping. The sofa and dinette have seatbelts at each position when the vehicle is moving and can convert into bedding when you’re parked. 

If your party is smaller, Jayco offers more compact options. But whichever layout is right for you, the Jayco Redhawk motorhomes are some of the best RVs for full-time living.

Airstream Classic 30RB

America’s iconic travel trailer was designed over eighty years ago, but it still looks gorgeous today. The polished aluminum, with its soft, organic lines, is only broken up by its multitude of windows. Peek inside and you will find a well-constructed interior with sleek design and premium materials. 

In the 30RB model, the power-adjustable queen bed is situated in the back of the trailer in a private room with massive windows on three sides, overhead cabinets, and large nightstands.

Step out of the room and you will see the toilet and sink through a door to your left, and the shower through a door to your right so two people can be getting ready to go at once. Further down the hall you will find a generous closet, a large refrigerator, a roomy kitchen with stove, a convection oven, a sink, a dinette, and a sofa under three large windows at the front. 

The Airstream Classic comes at a premium price, starting at over $160,000, but you are paying for a beautifully designed, well-constructed, premium trailer to replace your house. If you have the money for it, the Airstream Classic is one of the best RVs to live in full-time.


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Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS

The Grand Design Reflection line has some trailers nicer than most apartments— and probably bigger, too. From the master bedroom with a queen sized bed and three wardrobes to the kids bedroom with two bunks and a couch, and with the booth dinette, theater seats, fireplace, and kitchen island in between, the Reflection 312BHTS embodies luxury on wheels. 

If you choose tri-fold sofas in both the bunkroom and the living room, and the booth dinette instead of the optional free-standing dinette, you could conceivably sleep 9 people in this RV. And feeding all of them shouldn’t be an issue, since you have a gourmet kitchen with tons of counter space, a 3-burner stove, an oven, a microwave, and a 16 cubic foot refrigerator. 

Keeping everyone entertained should be no issue since there are spots for TVs in the master bedroom, living room, and bunkroom. The bathroom comes equipped with the expected shower, toilet, and vanity, and includes the skylight standard. Who could blame you for considering this the best RV for full-time living with your massive family before we even mentioned the outdoor kitchen? 

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