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National General RV Insurance Review

National General RV Insurance Review

National General is the country’s 15th-largest auto insurance company and offers a variety of products and discounts. They also offer other types of insurance such as RV, motorcycle, and homeowners insurance.

Coverage Options

National General has insurance policies that are specific for RV owners and are customizable. Their basic coverage plan includes liability coverage. You also have options for collision and comprehensive coverage.

RV Coverage Options

In addition to basic RV insurance, National General also offers these additional types of coverage:

  1. Personal Belongings Coverage - Your belongings are insured for what you paid, up to $3000.

  2. Full Replacement Cost Coverage - If your RV is totaled or stolen, full replacement cost coverage protects you from depreciation.

  3. Permanent Attachment Coverage - If it's connected to your RV, it’s replaced in full.

  4. Storage Savings - Save on your policy by suspending your coverage when your RV is parked. The RV is still protected against threats like fire, storms, wind, and theft.

  5. Specialized Equipment Coverage - Add coverage for items like body or suspension alterations, custom wheels or solar panels.

The following are the kinds of RVs covered by National General:

  1. Class A, B, or C motorhome

  2. Airstream, including Driveable Airstream

  3. Fifth-wheel RV

  4. Travel Trailer

Average Pricing

Although the National General website does not state how much their insurance rates are, they do offer some discounts:

  1. Multi-Vehicle Discount - You can bundle different types of insurance to get up to 20% off your insurance bill. You can combine motorcycle, home, auto, and RV insurance.

  2. Low Mileage Discount - If you drive less than 15,000 miles per year in your RV, you may be eligible for the low mileage discount. Use National General’s electronic mileage tracker to record how much you drive. Customers have reported discounts as low as 13% and as high as 54%.

The price of your policy with National General will also depend on the following:

  1. The state the RV is registered in

  2. The type of RV you have and the RV's value

  3. The amount of your deductible

  4. Your driving history

  5. Your credit history

Will National General drop your coverage if you rent your RV on a rental marketplace?

As with many larger insurance providers, it’s possible that National General will drop your coverage for renting out your RV. Their website does not state whether they will or won’t, so you will need to inform National General if you do intend to rent your RV.

However, Roamly offers insurance that lets you rent your RV out without losing coverage. To learn more, or to get a free quote, visit

Does National General offer RV insurance for full-time RVers?

National General does offer RV insurance for full-timers. They offer Complete General Liability, which is very similar to homeowner's insurance.

Not all full-timer insurance is the same, so be sure to shop around with other insurers who specialize in full-timer coverage, including Roamly.

What Roamly can offer RV owners

Did you know you could save an average of 35% compared to other insurance companies by getting a comprehensive plan with Roamly? This insurance company was created by passionate RV owners,so they know exactly the type of coverage you need for your RV. No more paying for expensive features you don’t need.

Additionally, Roamly doesn’t stop covering your RV if you decide you want to rent it out on peer-to-peer networks like Outdoorsy. That means you can make extra money when you’re not using your RV.

Final thoughts

National General has been around for almost 80 years and they do have RV specific policies that regular auto insurers don’t offer. However, some customers mention saving more with Roamly.

Miken J. had this to say about Roamly: “I just wanted to share how much I'm going to SAVE on insurance PER YEAR by switching to Roamly. $3,413.00! 😊 This is serious savings!”

Get a free quote from Roamly in just 60 seconds and any money you save can be put towards your next big adventure. 

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