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USAA RV Insurance Review

USAA RV Insurance Review

For almost 100 years, USAA has served active military members, veterans, and their families. The company began as an auto insurance company, but has expanded to also offer Motorcycle/ATV Insurance, Boat and Marine Insurance, Classic Car Insurance, Aviation Insurance, and RV Insurance. In addition, they also provide banking services.

Coverage Options

Basic vehicle coverage consists of options like comprehensive, collision, and liability protection. Additional optional coverage may also be available. Coverage choices vary by location and you will be able to choose what options are best for you.

RV Coverage Options

USAA RV coverage is very similar to their vehicle packages. You can get comprehensive and collision coverage in the event of accidents, theft, vandalism, fire or weather-related incidents. If you're hit by someone who's uninsured, you're covered for your injuries, RV damage, and lost wages if you can't work. They also offer extra coverage options.

These additional coverage options include the following:

  1. Emergency assistance

  2. Vacation coverage

  3. 24-hour claims service

  4. Roadside assistance

The following are the kinds of RVs covered by USAA:

  1. Travel trailer

  2. Class A, B, or C motorhome

  3. Pop-up camper

  4. Truck camper

  5. Fifth-wheel

Although USAA covers most types of RVs, they might not cover it directly. USAA directly covers travel trailers, which they classify as a non-collapsible trailer towed behind a vehicle for personal use only. If your trailer is collapsible, folding, or pop-up, then it may be considered by USAA to be in a different category. If that’s the case, USAA might refer you to a partner site like Progressive. USAA also does not directly cover motorhomes.

Average Pricing

According to USAA, your premium can cost anywhere from under $100 for a pop-up camper to much more for a high-end Class A motorhome. Because RVs vary so much in size and type, it’s hard to estimate the cost of coverage.

Costs will also vary based on the following:

  1. Your RV's value

  2. Your state

  3. The amount of your deductible

  4. Your driving history

  5. Your credit score

USAA does recommend some ways to help lower costs:

  1. Be a responsible driver

  2. Stay claims free

  3. Make payments on time

  4. Go paperless

Additionally, if you rent an RV, the coverage and cost are determined by each rental location and vary based on the type of RV.

Will USAA drop your coverage if you rent your RV on a rental marketplace?

Because USAA might refer you to a secondary site for coverage, it’s important that you check with them beforehand if they will continue to cover your RV if you choose to rent it out while you are not using it.

However, Roamly offers insurance that lets you rent your RV out without losing coverage. To learn more, or to get a free quote, visit

Does USAA offer RV insurance for full-time RVers?

Again, this is something you will have to ask about when getting your quote from USAA or a secondary site. Most insurance companies only offer RV insurance for recreational RV use. If you are a full-time RVer, make sure that you make your status clear when getting a quote.

Not all full-timer insurance is the same, so be sure to shop around with other insurers who specialize in full-timer coverage, including Roamly.

What Roamly can offer RV owners

Did you know you could save an average of 35% compared to other insurance companies by getting a comprehensive plan with Roamly? This insurance company was created by passionate RV owners,so they know exactly the type of coverage you need for your RV. No more paying for expensive features you don’t need.

Additionally, Roamly doesn’t stop covering your RV if you decide you want to rent it out on peer-to-peer networks like Outdoorsy. That means you can make extra money when you’re not using your RV.

Final thoughts

USAA is the fifth-largest auto insurer in the US, but unfortunately, they only offer their services to active military members, veterans, and their families. Roamly, on the other hand, does not have the military-related requirements. Additionally, Roamly is made up of RV owners and enthusiasts like you who are focused on helping you find affordable RV insurance that's tailored to your specific needs.

So if you’re ready to get the right RV insurance for you that might also help you save up to 25%, get a free quote from Roamly today.

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